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“I always get a lump in my throat when the couple I am working with exchange their vows. “
– Anne Lemon


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Honest and straightforward wedding officiating.

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I have years of experience helping couples coordinate their perfect wedding, including arranging all the most important wedding services. I work with many local vendors to make dreams come true. Ask me for recommendations.

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  • Event Decorators
  • Venue
  • Florists
  • Musicians
  • Bakers

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Honest and straightforward officiating

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not religious. Will you perform a non-religious ceremony? Can we write our own vows?
We want a private ceremony; can you help us find witnesses? How do I get a marriage license in Ontario?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more.

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    Areas Served

    I live in Owen Sound and am pleased to perform Wedding Ceremonies at locations all across Grey & Bruce Counties. I will also travel to Collingwood, Duntroon and Shelburne. I would be pleased to travel to locations other than those mentioned; however in some cases travel fees may apply.

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